Calf Pain

There are many different causes of calf pain, the main ones are listed below:

Muscle strain – a common cause of calf pain, often as a result of a sudden explosive activity such as jumping or sprinting. A direct blow to the calf can cause a bleed in the muscle belly resulting in local damage to the muscle.

DVT – signs and symptoms include a hot, red, swollen calf and need hospital diagnosis and treatment.

Achilles tendinitis/rupture. Repetitive strain affecting the Achilles region is a common complaint particularly seen in distance runners. Symptoms include pain in the region of the Achilles tendon, often worse after inactivity e.g. first thing in the morning or after an aggravating activity such as running.

Cramp – Cramp is commonly found in the calf muscle and can be alleviated through exercise and stretching.

Referred pain/Sciatica – spinal problems can refer down to the calf, often giving a more vague area of pain or ‘Shooting pain’.

Biomechanical problems – poor foot posture can overload the calf muscles giving rise to pain and tenderness. Treatment may require referral to one of our accredited podiatrists.

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